We make organizations and employees see the long term benefits of wellness and provide tools, products & services which enable companies and employees to set goals for themselves and family for better fitness, health and wellbeing.

We help create cultures of wellness. We can help you create a healthy workplace, assist your people with healthy lifestyle choices and personalize fitness and wellness programs. ShapeAndYou  has an experienced staff which designs special fitness challenge ideas and incorporates them into the worksite fitness programs that they give to each of their clients.

 Our Mission:

creating healthy & happy organizations that in turn a results from healthy and happy employees. Our wellness professionals are committed to inspiring healthy behavior change. We design and implement wellness programs that meet people where they are and keep moving them along the behavior change continuum. We build awareness to help individuals realize the need for change, then educate and provide support on how to make that change. Our programs motivate and help nurture life-long health habits.


  • Decrease dependency on tobacco products by offering programs on smoking cessation at least quarterly.
  • Educate employees about the importance of maintaining a proper weight and maintaining a healthy diet through programs and initiatives.
  • Educate employees about the importance of exercise and the types and use of our equipment at the Employee Wellness Center.
  • To increase the regular (3x a week) use of the Employee Wellness Center within in six months by 25%.
  • Educate employees about the seriousness of chronic health conditions to include heart disease, diabetes.

Our Service:

  • Proper Nutrition Education and Diet Consultation.
  • Stress Management Session.
  • Yoga At Work.
  • Zumba At Work.
  • Weight Management  Session.